Time Inc.

Time Inc. Headquarters

World-reknowned media company finds a new home in lower Manhattan

Airspace was hired to design a comprehensive environmental graphics and signage and wayfinding program for the new Time Inc. Headquarters in Lower Manhattan. The design team collaborated with Time Inc.’s Real Estate & Facilities Capital Projects group, Corporate Communications and representatives from each of the major Time Inc. Brands including InStyle, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated and Time. The program features powerful archival photography in the office’s multi-story boulevard – a central hub including a connecting stair and pantries and gallery walls for each floor that can be updated as the Brands evolve their content. In addition, Airspace designed neon feature walls in each of the pantries to display a significant quotation from a luminary reflecting the power and diversity of the Time Inc. brand.

Awards and Publications
Interior Design Magazine, September 2016

Courtesy of STUDIOS ArchitecturePhotography by Garrett Rowland

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